Green Gold: 100% natural, pumpkin seed oil from Upper Austria

Green Gold© pumpkin seed oil counts as one of the finest and purest oils of Austria: a save tip, thanks to special expertise and passionate production

Through careful and gentle pressing, the simple pumpkin seed gets turned into something magnificent: a precious oil or, roasted diligently, a tasty and healthy snack or a spicy ingredient in cereals, on raw vegetable salads, in bread, fine pastry, cakes, and gourmet chocolate.

In lettuce or potato salads, in soups, along with pasta, sausage and meat dishes, with fried chicken or vanilla ice cream: a few drops of this delicious, dark green, nearly black, intense, aromatic, nutty pumpkin seed oil, can help you to transform simple meals into marvelous culinary masterpieces.

The pumpkin, as a crop plant, counts as an uncomplicated field crop. It is a natural supplier of protein for a supplementary feeding in dairy farming and renders reliable profits, if some characteristics are considered. As natural and reliable pollination helpers, experienced experts count on bumblebees. Already at 10°C they begin to fly and are not discouraged by drizzle – unlike bees or other insects, who fear moist weather and normally only fly a certain distance into the pumpkin field. That’s how the crop profits can decrease in the middle of the field. Pollination of the blossoms by bumblebees is very important, because the pumpkin blossom is only opened half a day.

The pumpkin seed oil contains what is in the soil – this can be a risk for consumers. That’s why the fields and the adjacent fields are cultivated according to strict regulations. It is only worked with natural means. This contains the waiver of savage sludge and a strictly compliance of the crop rotation because the pumpkin takes away a lot of the nutrients of the soil. This is compensated by a defined order of designated crop plants within a four-year cycle. This keeps the soil healthy and ensures a profitable harvest. Imported cheap-seeds, of unknown origin or of countries, which foster a loose procession of chemicals in the soil or for preservation, are never pressed along with the organically harvested seeds, as it is the case of many other pumpkin seed oils on the shelves of our markets. Natural quality has its price!

After the roasting of the pumpkin seeds, the seeds are cold-pressed in a mechanic stamping press without refining. As natural as the oil is pressed out of the seed, the oil gets botteled. What is left over and cannot be used for food means, is restored to the soil as a nutrient. That’s how 100% of the pumpkin is used at its optimum.

Another quality attribute: Green Gold© is pressed freshly every three months. Although the oil is naturally long-lasting, the fine taste of the oil is most intense the fresher the oil is, The best place to store the oil is the seed itself!

The time and temperature of the roasting are strongly kept as a secret because they are crucial for the aromatic, intense-nutty and spicy taste of the oil. The taste is so convincing that Feel Well Beverages & More Ltd. & Co KG has made the jump to China with this specialty - the country from which tons of cheap pumpkin seeds for the pumpkin seed oil of many suppliers in specialized shops and supermarkets are imported.

Thanks to Feel Well Beverages & More, Green Gold© counts as a desired delicacy and true treasure from Upper Austria, also in the VAE. Because what’s written on the bottle is inside too: 100% pure, natural pumpkin seed oil from especially cautious cultivation and careful processing. .

The pumpkin (Cucurbita) was originally cultivated in America, it is domestic in Europe since the 16th century. Its fruits, the many-seeded "Panzerbeere", produce countless pumpkin seeds, which contain valuable ingredients and enable the usage of the pumpkin and its seeds (folk) medicine. In respective literature you can read:

Pumpkin seeds supply many unsaturated fatty acids (more than 80%); Vitamin E with antioxidant impacts to support the body’s defenses and to protect against free radicals, beta carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, A and D, as well as magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium; enzymes, which relieve the pancreas; they contain a group of bio-active ingredients (phyto sterols) with a positive impact on the irritable bladder and prostate, carotenoids, which protect the skin from the solar radiation and negative environmental influences; phyto sterols with cholesterol lowering effects and reduction of blood lipids and with that a lower risk for coronary heart diseases; they work against negative prostate enlargement, support women in their menopausal positively;
lignin helps to prevent a development of a hyper-cholesterol atherosclerosis and can effect a light enhancement of the "good" HDL.