Publication of broadcastable video, word and picture content

Shooting, cutting, texting. You, as a video journalist, can combine skills in one person, which would normally be spread across a team. As an efficient "all-rounder", you are a partner of TV stations, production companies, information services and press offices

"I am the team"
As a video journalist, you are working proactively – and autonomously. Starting with conception and research to the broadcastable postproduction. You are capable of operating camera, light, sound and cut. You are in possession of a perfect sense for motives, people and topics.

Für Videojournalisten verstehen wir uns als Partner in der Medienqualifikation. Journalistische Vorkenntnisse in der Bewegtbild Berichterstattung setzen wir voraus. (Video-) Bloggern, Redakteuren und Journalisten bieten wir eine flexible Publikationsplattform.
„kaleidoscope“ kooperiert mit Mediengestalter, Medienpartnern und Mediendiensten.

As newcomers, we see ourselves as partner in the medial qualification. Previous journalistic knowledge in moving picture coverage is mandatory. We offer a flexible publication platform to (video-) bloggers, editors and journalists. „kaleidoscope“ cooperates with media designers, media partners and media services