Up to the top!
With the best content and best networking!

Everybody is connected to everyone – driver, team, fan, sponsor.

"mobilemotions" uses technological changes and new requirements in the media landscape to the advantage of racing drivers, fans and sponsors.

  • "mobilemotions" administrates sponsor- and media rights
  • We are on-site with camera teams and journalists
  • We integrate (racing-) scenes from on board cameras
  • We distribute to stations and the internet
  • We coordinate direction and cut for editorial word and picture content for TV and online media. We preserve balanced interests and journalistic guidelines. We tell and engage. For many different interest groups always different and new. Because we know:
    The content and its design are crucial for success.

Everywhere on air. on all media channels. Via TV, websites, Facebook & co. anytime and on demand.

The togetherness is crucial for the public attention.
The quantitative amount of qualified contacts. The best content. The best connection.

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Sponsor packages for the season of 2021

For information about the Histo Cup sponsor modules (Online, Print and TV - nationally & internationally) please log in.
Further information about the Histo Cup are found here
Cinematic impressions about the Histo Cup are found in the film library

Deutscher Sportfahrer Kreis e.V.

Further Information about the "Deutscher Sportfahrer Kreis" are found here

Driving pleasure with included returns!

A higher value classic car in the garage is an attractive investment to conserve the value. At the moment, little, fast cars with racing history and original parts are in high demand. Cars from the 70s got more expensive. The replenishment offer is short, but the demand rises. To find jewels of the automobile history and sports cars with work of art character, you have to search internationally. The running costs for maintenance, parking and maintenance should not be underestimated.
Cars in the high-end segment are a worth while investment with outlook for top return, take it from the experience of auction experts.

With the starting number "100" (Ford Escort MK II) at the Histo Cup:

   Trial of strength of historic racing cars with the legendary Ford Escort MK II RS 2000 in the season of 2012
   Peter Pöschl: Facebook-Clip

Ing. Peter Pöschl
racing driver & engineer plant manufacturing