Mobile first
Consumers, but also sales partners, can no longer imagine a daily life without smartphones and tablets. They serve to promote communication, the provision of information and the transaction. Contents are evaluated and disseminated. Products and services are purchased and paid for.

Our platform for dynamic business solutions, offers a simple and efficient possibility for transferring information about products and services directly to these terminal devices in combination with the possibility of interactions and transactions.

Thereby we are providing a technology which transfers projects directly to the mobile device of their customers: Customer surveys, marketing surveys, scheduling, announcing incentive programmes, marketing campaigns (pull & push), newsletters, sweepstakes, accident reports and landing pages.

In addition, we are creating a mobile web site in the look & feel of your company with all the required contents which will be transferred via the branded SMS.

The possible contents will include texts, files, graphics and videos, but also interactive functions such as surveys.

The transfer and the retrieval can be undertaken both during the push process as well as also during the pull process. Both the retrieval and also the forwarding of the links are measurable and affiliate-compatible. The mobile web site can also be shared on all popular social media platforms (Whats Up, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

This web module thus acts as the connecting element between your platforms and the mobile devices of your sales partners and customers: Quickly, easily, cheaply and measurably!

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Upgrade your website to an online-video-portal!
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Present yourself perfectly on all stationary and mobile devices:
Base website, project homepage, landing pages, digital business cards, homepages on smartphones, tablets, PCs, SMART TVs and Settop Boxes.
Integrable standard features: Webshop, Newsletter and login areas.

Modern Design meets User-Friendlyness!

Search Engine optimized
SEO – Search Engine Optimizing HTML 5
On page and off page, headers, footer, tags, keywords, Google Ad words, landing pages, tagging, targeting and retargeting.
Video SEO (=Enhancement of the video ranking on Youtube & Google)

CMS – Content Management System
The layout of the pages is separated from the content. Therefore, it is possible to change content very easily.

White Label modules for Web 2.0 applications and video-portal
State of the art portal and platform technology for the communication to clients, business partners, press, and the public.

The existing technical solutions are designed as modules and can be customized to the "look & feel" of you special design- and branding guidelines of your company.

Possible operational areas:
Maintenance of closed target groups in continuing education
For information purposes at fairs
Information and entertainment, e.g. in hotels, on board, in VIP areas

Standard features:
Quick and uncomplicated integration of videos
Video on demand, live streaming, live broadcasting of "on site" events
Communication platform for open and closed groups (clubs)
Interactive dialogue B2B, B2C, C2C
Video blogs
Integration of "user generated content"
Presentations via (video-) chat

Special features:
360° Camera with interactive menu navigation.
Audience animated online games to support customer loyalty and sales promotions.