Individual branding of the video portal in the "look & feel" of the corporate design.
▪ Logo placement
▪ Menu item
    ▪ Number
    ▪ Term
    ▪ Submenu
▪ Background colour
▪ Font / font colour

Advertising free, neutral player
The player can be branded

Integration in already existing websites and social media

Easy usage
Changes can be done easily (you can do them yourself)

Measure your success and analysis of statistics
Data security compliant integrated tools for performance measurement and optimization.

"How does the user react?"

Is the video perceived by the chosen recipient in the target group?
Is the advertising information recognized quickly by the recipient?
Is the message understood immediately?
Is the central statement gathered easily? Is it sustainable? Is the user going to visit the site again? How often and in which periods?
Is the message perceived on the user’s side as it should be (e.g. trustworthy, likeable)?

"Did my message hit home and has it been perceived? "

Based on the outcome of the success control, the advertising and/or informative message, as well as the distributor, will be adapted.

Reasonable priced
Modular designed, calculable

We would be pleased to compile an individual offer for the usage of the "white label modules" for your project:
Set up fee, license fee, ongoing operation, costs for infrastructure (cloud), changes and maintenance during the ongoing operation, technical support.