More and more fans and therefore customers are addressed and won over directly over the Internet. Although the distribution to the radio and TV stations is still carried out conventionally on physical products and a special music information portal for editors, the end user is much closer!

Example: The new song by Brazilian pop star Edu Casanova feat. Ayi Jihu & Toni Tuklan: "ILUMINA" has a worldwide prominent combatant in the video: Dani Alves. Alves is a professional soccer player at FC Barcelona and currently a member of the World Cup team (Selecao) of the host country Brazil. Storz Medienfabrik GmbH (Ger) has arranged this unique constellation and owns the distribution rights of the song.

Currently media expert Bernhard Storz is working on the online event marketing for this - in time for the World Cup in Brazil: He posted the song systematically to selected major online media platforms and provided the "right tags". And so Storz can not only make a real-time quantitative analysis, like measuring click-through rates and ranges, but at least as important, he analyzes "How does the song?". This means operating a qualitative market analysis.

Storz looks through the online world for feedback from "the outside world" to the song generated from listeners and multipliers which to judge the basic mood for the song out there. This qualitative measurement has a great advantage: you do not passively hope for airplay by editors and broadcasters, but you're taking the risk from these multipliers to push a shop keeper in showing them the positive mood for the song on the market. Storz can even trigger and supply a hype with strategic online marketing and does not have to wait and hope that stations provide the hype. For the power of the Internet is indeed not limited to outrages on the Internet, but can also be a positive impact that broadcast stations can't ignore ... And only when the mood for "ILUMINA" is positive enough, the song is "heard throughout the land" only then the CD is released to the market.

In addition to the highly successful music clip, a dance tutorial was produced on short notice that shows the official summer move 2014 of the German Dance Schools.

An additional perspective Storz is proud of: The song has become the third official song of the World Cup stadiums in Brazil.