The Jetflyer, E-mobility from Austria





With the Jetflyer from Styria to Cyprus

E-volution, Stainz, expands with their electro-city-vehicle

"Solidly like a car, agilely like a motorcycle." That is the Jetflyer´s slogan: A synthesis of powerful technologies and a design which pulls looks at itself. The intuitive handling makes driving easy and you can do something good the environment too: the Jetflyer’s electric engine is emission-free and noise-damped. And its range is fairly good: with full batteries you can reach up to 100 km.

Developer, designer and producer of this innovative vehicle is the e-volution Elektromobilitätskonzepte GmbH from Stainz in Styria. CEO Michael Ritt phrases the company’s philosophy like this: "We look constantly for innovative solutions concerning ecologically friendly transport. Our e-vehicles for the urban mobility should simplify our everyday life, by extraordinary design cause sensation – and give pleasure and fun." Beside private use the carriage is also suited for the professional application: Service of delivery, post, police, fire brigade….

The Jetflyer is "on stage" with the season opening of the racing series Histo cup in the Styrian "Red Bull circuit" now on the 12th and 13th of April. Histo cup organizer Michael Steffny wants to be mobile with the Jetflyer as "an official vehicle" in the circuit.

And it goes into southern regions too: the Jetflyer will be available in Cyprus soon. In addition to the dealers in Switzerland and in Spain, there is also one dealer on this Mediterranean island since now.